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Overland Sunset Hoodie


This hoodie, being on the thinner side for hoodies, is the perfect fall/ spring time hoodie. Sizes run pretty typical for hoodies. Not too tight, not too loose. Great fit, great quality that is comfortable and warm enough for most seasons. It is not super heavy, but not light like a windbreaker. Fabrics are nice and soft, comfortable and stylish. Show off your favorite company, and let the Exodus Overland Sunset Hoodie remind you to spend time in the wild with your family while warming at the same time.


The Overland Sunset Hoodie

Overland Sunset “Destined to Move” Hoodie. It is said that “curiosity killed the cat” so whats the answer? Kill the curiosity… EXPLORE!

The Exodus Overland Sunset Hoodie says it all. In the graphic you can see our sister companies represented in the Landtyrn Nomad Firebox and the legendary TDXJ with the Exo Overland Shovel among other tools designed to get you back out into the wild. We want to inspire ourselves and others to get back into nature, out of the oppressive florescent/ LED lights and back into the lights of the sun, moon and stars. Spend some time with your family. Focus on building that tight unit by working together in the great outdoors!

Exodus from culture to build community

Exodus Overland is all about purposeful movement, and that starts with you. Actually it starts in the individual. Turning back to that thing that sets us apart from the kinds of people we see in the news. Faith. Faith is where you find the plum line for ethics and morals. From this foundation you build your home which is family. The idea of a strong family unit has been all but destroyed in today’s world. The media and propaganda got married to capitalism and had a baby called consumerism and it has taken hold of our minds and attention. Let the Overland Sunset be a reminder to you to begin to change that.

Most people can’t fathom an existence without grinding endlessly for more cash. But what if you had tons of cash and still couldn’t use it for anything? Or what if you were able to buy anything you wanted and were more miserable than ever before? The Exodus Overland Sunset Hoodie is just a reminder that it’s time to get back to the basics. It’s time to get back to family, nature, and community. It’s time for an Exodus.

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