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Jeep XJ Overland Rack


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Jeep Cherokee XJ Overland Rack

Our Jeep XJ Overland Rack is built for those who want to make their XJ more capable for overloading. The factory roof rack is not suitable for rooftop tents. Additionally, most XJ racks are “basket” or “safari” style racks. Our roof rack is a flat, low profile design that is precisely manufactured and designed for maximum strength and versatility.

Features of our Roof Rack:

  • Side rails are laser cut from 3/16″ Aluminum
  • Front and rear shields are 3/16″ laser cut aluminum, CNC press brake formed.
  • Cross bars are aluminum T slot extrusions for maximum strength and versatility
  • Rain gutter brackets are laser cut from mild steel and press brake formed
  • Choose either satin black powder coat or “no finish”
    • No finish will have a DA sanded look to the aluminum.
  • All hardware is stainless steel to avoid corrosion
  • Total weight of roof rack is approximately 40 pounds
  • Rated for carrying UP TO 600 pounds (note: Vehicle MUST have factory condition rain gutters or weight will be reduced)
  • Workable area: approximately 79″ Long X 51″ wide
  • Short mounts: Keeps the rack approximately 1″ (clear) off the roof. Tall mounts keep the rack approximately 2″ (clear) off the roof.
  • Tastefully designed to compliment the XJ’s body lines and roof lines

Manufactured in the USA in Pennsylvania. Note: This product ships in multiple boxes. Alaska and Hawaii orders (and international orders): contact PRIOR to ordering. *DOES NOT INCLUDE ROOFTOP TENT*


Jeep XJ Overland Rack

The Jeep XJ Overland Rack is built to precision to make ANY XJ more capable. Factory roof racks leave a LOT to be desired. They are clunky, weak, and lack the functionality needed for overland applications. Our Roof Rack solves ALL those issues.

We feel it is important to support the Jeep XJ.

Let’s get this out of the way: We LOVE the XJ. We have owned many Jeep Cherokee XJ’s on our team. They are wildly reliable, capable, and spacious enough for overland use.  Additionally, they are small and light enough for traversing harsh environments. For this reason, and the fact that millions still exist, we feel the need to support this vehicle with products.

What makes a quality roof rack:

A quality roof rack should be extremely low profile and it should support accessories and have multiple tie down points. Our XJ Overland Rack features high quality aluminum side rails, Front and rear wind deflectors, and Aluminum T slot extrusions. The Brackets supporting the rack to the rain gutters are manufactured from steel for additional strength. All components are fiber laser cut, CNC press brake formed. Additionally, we build the XJ Overland Rack right here in the great state of Pennsylvania. Built by Americans, for anyone destined to move.

You will receive the following with your roof rack:

When purchasing this roof rack, you will receive the following components:

  • Two 3/16″ Laser Cut Side Rails
  • One Front wind screen
  • One Rear wind screen
  • SEVEN T Slot extrusions
  • TWO front rain gutter mounts and clamps (taller than the rear mounts)
  • SIX rear rain gutter mounts and clamps (about 1/2″ shorter than the rear mounts)
  • Stainless steel hardware


Construction Laser Cut, CNC formed from Aluminum and Steel
Finish Choose Plain or Powder Coat Satin Black
Assembly All hardware is 1/4″-20 stainless bolts and stainless nuts
Installation Time Approximately 1-2 hours
Difficulty level Install should be done by a professional mechanic.
Approximate Height above roof approximately 1″ clear (short mounts), approximately 2″ clear (tall mounts)
Approximate Width approximately 51″ Outside/Outside
Approximate Length approximately 79″ overall length
Country of Manufacture United States of America (In SE Pennsylvania)
Frequently Asked Questions:
1.) Where are we manufacturing this roof rack?

Answer: We manufacture this roof rack in SE Pennsylvania. We buy hardware in the US as well, but sometimes our suppliers source it from overseas. We purchase the raw steel and aluminum in the US. Powder coating is also completed right here in SE Pennsylvania.

2.) Which mount height should I choose?

Answer: For most people the lower mount is desirable simply due to the fact that it sits so close to the roof line. This creates less wind noise, less overall height of the vehicle and a cleaner look. If you run a roof top tent, the taller mounts will be easier to help you install your tent. It is not really possible to get your hand under the rack with the low mounts. When we run roof top tents and low mounts, we remove two of the extrusions, bolt to the tent, then lower the tent onto the vehicle. It takes a little more time, but the end result is SUPER low to the roof line. If you don’t like the extra work to install your tent, grab the taller mounts.

3.) How do I know my rain gutters are strong enough for this rack?

Answer: To ensure safety, your rain gutters must be in factory new condition. They must not have rust through any locations along the gutter. If you see cracking, separating from the vehicle, or rust, you MUST fix this before installing ANY roof rack, including ours. It can be very dangerous if your vehicle gutters are compromised.

4.) How much weight can I install on this roof rack?

Answer: This is going to depend on your end uses. We recommend keeping the rack to 600 pounds or less in static positions. Can you load it with more? Sure. But keep in mind: the more weight you have up high, the higher the probability of a rollover. If you are doing off-roading, rock crawling, or trails, keep the roof top load to 300-400 pounds or less. If you are static and level, you can load more on. We recommend NEVER exceeding 800 pounds spread out across the rack. The rack itself can handle much, much more. Your XJ? Likely not.

5.) How much does the roof rack weigh?

Answer: Our roof rack is very light. It is approximately 40 pounds assembled. Crazy, we know. But don’t let the light weight fool you: This rack is INSANELY rigid and strong.

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