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One Piece Overland Shovel

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The One Piece Overland Shovel is a compact, easily transported Shovel built for hard use.

Do not be fooled by this shovels compact appearance: It is built for anything you can throw at it. We have personally had experiences buying inexpensive shovels at our local hardware stores. The unfortunate reality is: most hardware store shovels are low quality and not even made in the US. We are tired of prematurely breaking camping and garden tools, so we set out to create our own.

The Camp shovel is built for the adventurer, the overlander, and the backyard builder.

Notable Features about this Shovel:
  • Portable and lightweight. Perfect for vehicle carry or RV carry
  • Ergonomic design despite the small footprint
  • Extremely strong fully welded construction guaranteed to not fail you
  • 14 GA tube steel shaft
  • 10 GA blade, handle, and saddle stiffener
  • Comfortable 1″ O.D. pipe for hand grip
  • Pointed spade shaped blade for easy earth penetration, rock removal, campfire digging and anything else that needs dug up
  • Satin Black Powder Coat Finish: strength and elegance

This One Piece Shovel is purpose built to be a lightweight yet strong companion for any backyard project or camping or overland adventure.

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One Piece Overland Shovel:

Your adventure deserves our one piece overland shovel. The entirely welded design creates a very stiff and very strong shovel. Don’t let the size fool you, this shovel can do serious work.

Most of us have broken a shovel at one point or another.

Manufacturing isn’t what it used to be. This is true in so many industries. Outsourced manufacturing, low spec materials, and poor quality craftsmanship plague our nation. We need to bolster American Manufacturing. The Camp Shovel fixes this issue entirely.

Designed to solve real problems for adventure seekers.

Whether you are building a bridge, digging a fire pit, removing hot coals and embers, or digging out your overland rig, the Camp Shovel will be there to help. The fully welded design of this portable shovel results in an extremely strong and rigid shovel that will take abuse.

Although this little guy is tough, it features a deceptively light weight.

Weighing in at just under 7 pounds, this shovel is a piece of kit that adds function without bulk.

For your off-roading, camping, hiking, backcountry or backyard adventures.

Built for Adventure. We laser cut, form and weld our products right here in the Keystone State. By purchasing an Overlanding Shovel, you are supporting a rapidly growing American small business!

Blade Size (Approx.) 7″W X 7″L
Overall Length (Approx.) 23″ Length
Blade Material 10 GA. Steel (.135″)
Shaft Material 14 GA. Steel
Handle Material 10 GA. Steel (.135″)
Grip Material 1″ O.D. Pipe
Finish Powder Coat Satin Black
Blade Shape Pointed Spade
Country of Manufacture USA (Pennsylvania)



What makes the One Piece Overland Shovel so special?

Answer: Overall, most people are familiar with the hardware store shovels with low quality wooden handles. In fact you have probably broken one or two in your life. Designed for hard use, you will always be prepared. Nobody has time to break their “budget” shovel when you need it the most. This beast is especially lightweight and very strong.

Will the powder coat wear over time?

Answer: Yes, over time it is normal to see some wear and tear of your shovel. This is especially true of the blade. You might see some scratches over time, but these scratches are simply character. After all, they tell a story of your adventure. Use your shovel relentlessly. It will certainly have your back for years to come.

Is this Shovel produced in the US?

Answer: Our products are produced in SE Pennsylvania. Made with care, built for adventure.

Does the shovel come with a bag or storage container?

Answer: Yes, each shovel includes a blade sheath in the purchase price. The retail packaging doubles as a nice storage box when not in use.

A Few Other Considerations Before Purchasing:
  1. The shovel blade MAY get sharp over time, especially when used around rocks. Always be careful and always use gloves
  2. Shovels in or on vehicles must always be securely fastened to the vehicle.
  3. Powder coat may wear over time especially in rocky conditions
  4. Camp Shovel features a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. Welds are also covered under a lifetime warranty. In other words, if a weld cracks, we replace the shovel. We do not warrant normal wear and tear or powder coat wear and tear during use.
  5. If you have ANY questions or concerns at all, discontinue use and contact us with questions at
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