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Destined to move

A division of the Exodus Companies

Exodus Overland: Pursuit of Movement

We are destined to move. Humans were built for experience, we were built for exploration. While we have experienced a massive technology boom over the last 10-20 years, our team believes that people still desire to be back to their roots. Whether for the weekend warrior or the constant wanderer, we are committed to connecting quality products to people who move. Regardless of where the road takes each person, Exodus Overland exists to equip and educate through our site, blogs, media and products. Our Mission is driven by a set of core values that we are obsessed with and live by daily:

1. Take the Road Less Traveled.

In our business interactions and in our own adventures, Exodus Overland takes the road less traveled. In our lives we have the choice to take the easy, mundane path; or we can take the hard path, the one that requires fortitude, strength, commitment and accountability. We choose to take the hard route. We choose to explore a different way of doing business. We believe in doing the hard, honest work. We commit to honest business practices and put everything we have into this. We recognize that through doing business better, we change lives for the better. Taking the road less traveled means:

– Using honest business practices
– Taking care of our team and investing in their futures
– Taking care of our customers and supporters
– Following through and doing what we say we will do


Intentionality means we act with purpose. We don't allow circumstance to dictate our actions. We plan ahead. We prepare. We plan. Whether we are going on a trip, or building a product, or interacting with our community: we do so with purpose.


Our world is full of patterns. We know that our followers and customers desire to break the mold. These are people who desire to always be learning, always be creating. Whether it is media, products, or anything else we are doing, our team is committed to always be building. We are also committed to always encourage others to be building, creating, and exploring.


We believe that curiosity coupled with vision and purpose leads to innovation and experiences. Our team encourages each other and our community to always be curious. Always be questioning. Always be moving.


Our land is finite and our nations resources are finite. We believe that we should care for what we have been blessed with and do our part to leave our world better than when we first saw it. We believe in the right to travel and explore and we are committed to speaking to and teaching about good stewardship.

Exploration of our world leads to a better understanding of who we are and what our purpose is.

Exodus Overland exists to encourage people to travel and explore, to be good stewards of our natural resources, to experience and bond in a more natural setting. We believe that by removing ourselves from the mundane day-to-day and returning to nature we can become closer to our world and better in our communities. We follow our natural curiosity and inclination to explore and experience our world, and its people within.