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Subaru Baja Overland Rack


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The Subaru Baja is one of the most unique AWD vehicles out there. We wanted to make an overland roof rack that made it utilitarian (as much as it can be) while also making the Baja a tad more unique and stylish.

The Subaru Baja Overland Rack is built to turn your baja into a vehicle that can carry what you need when you are out there exploring. Whether it’s kayaks, bikes, a roof top tent, Hard cases, or whatever else you desire… it will do the job. There is no other rack like it on the market where you can also attach accessories on the side.


Some notable features include
  • Workable area: 106.25″ x 51″
  • Added weight by the roof rack comes in around 111lbs.
  • Rated for carrying UP TO 350 pounds
  • All hardware is stainless steel to avoid corrosion
  • Cross bars are aluminum T slot extrusions for maximum strength and versatility
  • You can choose between silver or black anodized extrusions
  • Choice to have solid front shield or one with light cut-outs

Manufactured in the USA in Pennsylvania. Note: This product ships in multiple boxes. Alaska and Hawaii orders (and international orders): contact PRIOR to ordering. *DOES NOT INCLUDE ROOFTOP TENT OR ANY OTHER ACCESSORIES LIKE LIGHTS, FUEL CANS, RECOVERY BOARDS, ETC.*

Choosing the extended warranty offers more protection for the life of your purchase. Our Roof racks feature a limited one year manufacturers warranty. If you wish to extend your warranty, simply select this option and your roof rack will be protected by a lifetime limited warranty. Read more at our warranty terms and condition page.


Subaru Baja Overland Rack

If you have a Subaru Baja, you understand that space can sometimes be a premium when wanting to go on some adventures. With the Subaru Baja Overland Rack the amount of possibilities now become endless. Going on a long road trip and need space to put hard cases and gear? check. Going biking or kayaking and need to haul them around? Check. Heading out to camp and need space for a roof top tent, fuel, and recovery boards? check.

Why we created a roof rack for the Baja.

Sure, the Baja market is very small… but we saw a need and decided to try something new. Subaru Bajas are great little vehicles for some adventures and light overlanding, but they had one flaw. There just is not much usable space. We wanted a rack that could mount to the roof AND the bed sides to create a functional platform. Not only that, we wanted side panels that supported things like fuel, recovery boards, tools, and MOLLE compatible devices.


This black powder coated  8′ 10″ (106.25″)x 4′ 3″ (51″) rack comes in at around 111lbs (+/-) with a dynamic rating of 350lbs (including rack weight). The rack utilizes aluminum T slot extrusions for crossbars to provide maximum strength and versatility. All rack components are made from 3/16″ aluminum (besides the roof mounts which are steel) and offer the best in weight efficiency and strength.

You have the option to choose between silver and black anodized extrusions (crossmembers). Also, there is the option of a solid front shield or one with light cutouts. We have found that the Diode Dynamics SS3 lights tend to work best in that space and mount flawlessly.

You Will Receive The Following With Your Roof Rack:

When purchasing this roof rack, you will receive the following components:

  • TWO 3/16″ Laser Cut Side Rails
  • ONE Front wind screen
  • EIGHT T Slot extrusions
  • FOUR roof mounts (utilizing holes from roof rails)
  • TWO Bed mounted side panels
  • SIX spacers for the bed mounts
  • Stainless steel hardware

“*Disclaimer: Adding a roof rack to your vehicle will change its balance, center of gravity, and road handling manners. It is the end user’s responsibility to follow their vehicle user manuals for maximum loads (Both static and dynamic) as well as maximum GVWR. NEVER exceed maximum vehicle loads as unsafe road handling will occur. Our roof racks are designed with the utmost care and are tested extensively to ensure maximum safety and performance. Nonetheless, it is your responsibility to ensure proper roof, gutter, and mounting surface conditions. Exodus Overland is not responsible for failures, accidents, improper installations, or damages caused by the installation of your roof rack or the condition of your vehicle. Always consult licensed professionals and perform a thorough professional inspection of your vehicle mounting surfaces prior to purchasing and mounting one of our roof racks. Be sure your roof rack obeys local laws and ordinances in your location.”*

Construction Laser Cut, CNC formed from Aluminum and Steel
Finish Powder Coat Satin Black
Assembly All hardware is
Installation Time Approximately 6-8 hours
Difficulty level Install should be done by a professional mechanic.
Approximate Height above roof approximately 5″ (+/-) in the front, 3.5″ (+/-) in the rear
Approximate Width approximately 4′ 3″ (51″) Outside/Outside
Approximate Length approximately 8′ 10″ (106.25″) overall length
Approximate Weight

Country of Manufacture


United States of America (In SE Pennsylvania)

Frequently Asked Questions:
1.) Where Are We Manufacturing This Roof Rack?

Answer: We manufacture this roof rack in SE Pennsylvania. We buy hardware in the US as well, but sometimes our suppliers source it from overseas. We purchase the raw steel and aluminum in the US. Powder coating is also completed right here in SE Pennsylvania.

2.) Which Extrusion Color Should I Choose?

Answer: In short, that is completely up to you. There is no difference in build or quality between the two colors, both will function the same.

3.) If I decide to get the light cut-outs what should I fill it with?

Answer: We have found Diode Dynamics SS3 lights the best fit for the slots. We typically fit 2 in either side and get maximum output on the lights, making it extremely useful for late night driving in the wilderness.

4.) How Much Weight Can I Install On the Baja roof?

Answer: We rate this rack up to 350 pounds (including rack weight) or less in dynamic load (500lbs. for static load). Could the rack hold more… yes (but we do not recommend it). Now, could your Subaru handle the weight… probably not. Keep in mind how much you load on and how that will affect your driving performance.

While in Research and Development, we had a steel rack (to test concept) attached and in total had over 400lbs. on top. We experienced no issues at all. That being said, a safe bet is 350 pounds on the roof and bed (so including rack). Once you get passed that, you will start to notice a bigger drop in driving performance.

5.) How Much Does The Roof Rack Weigh?

Answer: For how many components are needed for this rack, it is surprisingly light. It comes in at around 111lbs. Don’t let that fool you though, this rack is extremely rigid and up for whatever adventure you take it on.

6.) What goes into installing the Subaru Baja Overland Rack?

Answer: In short, you need to take off your existing roof rails, drill 3 holes in each bed side (with our included measurements), get your mounts in, and put the roof rack together. Before you do so, we recommend reading our instructional manual here.

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